Petition for Withdrawal Retroactively

This form must be submitted with the student course performance summary form and a personal statement explaining why withdrawal from a course should happen.  It will appear on the student’s transcript however with a W under the grade decision. Students will not be able to petition to remove a W from a transcript.

This form will be sent through a committee to be assessed anonymously and successful result will include the course and grade being eliminated from the student’s transcript and file.

Student Course Performance Summary
This form must be submitted with a petition to withdraw from a course.  A copy of this form should be filled out by the Course Director or Chair and signed for each course being petitioned.

Attending Physician’s Statement
This form is used as a supporting document for the Petition for Withdrawal form.  

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Deadlines and Submission
This form should be submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or faxed to 416-487-6813, within a year of the completion of the course’s academic session. Pay attention to the application deadlines listed on the form.  

Download the petition for retroactive withdrawal form

Petition to Enrol Late In Courses

This form is used to petition to enrol late in a course.  It should only be used to enrol after the last date to enrol with permission from the course director

  1. The student must have attended the course up to the point that they are petitioning to officially enrol.
  2. The form must be completed and signed by the course director.
  3. A personal statement explaining why a petition is being filed should also be attached to the form.

 This form should be submitted to the Office of Academic Services , C102York Hall.

Download the petition to enrol late form

Download the petition to appeal form

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