Ontario French


This workshop will focus on spoken French in Ontario. Ontario is the Canadian province with the largest population and while its Francophone community is the largest one outside of Québec, half a million inhabitants, French is the mother tongue of just one out of every twenty Ontarians. Despite Ontario’s linguistic diversity, English is by far the dominant language. In terms of knowledge of the two official languages, the vast majority of the province’s population can only communicate in English (86.3%), while 11% speak both French and English. The fact that a very small proportion speaks French and does not speak English (0.3%) attests to the generalized bilingualism of the Franco-Ontarian population. The linguistic consequences of this situation of language contact and bilingualism have been addressed in a considerable number of studies over the last forty years or so. We invite researchers to propose their recent and/or ongoing work on the French spoken in Ontario for this workshop. We would like to bring together in this workshop papers on a variety of aspects of Ontario French: lexicon, morphosyntax, phonetics and phonology, etc. Please see the AFLS conference Call for Papers for further details.