Glendon students and professors in Cuba

Glendon students and professors on a teaching trip to Cuba, 2006

The DTEIL Certificate is offered by the English Department.

Have you thought about travelling overseas after graduation? Is the thought of living abroad to learn about other cultures and languages appealing to you? The Certificate in the Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language (D-TEIL) is designed to help you enter into the international field of English language teaching, and to increase your opportunities of working overseas in a growing professional field.

In this program, you will be introduced to general principles of linguistics applicable to language teaching; the latest notions of language learning; concepts of language in society and bilingualism; the history and impact of English as a global language, including both observation and a micro-teaching practicum.

The Certificate consists of 24 credits – all of which also count as English (EN) credits and as Linguistics and Language Studies (LIN) credits: 21 obligatory credits, plus 3 credits to be chosen from a list of “language and society” themed courses. The Certificate typically takes three years to complete. Students should take EN 1601 as soon as possible, since it is a pre-requisite to upper-year courses. Be advised that the fourth-year courses are only offered in odd-numbered years (2013, 2015, etc.). Please note that this certificate is intended for those interested in teaching English abroad to adults. It is not intended for those wishing to teach ESL in Canada.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must:

Be enrolled at Glendon or another faculty of York University OR have completed a university degree at an accredited institution.

Please note:

Not every course is offered every year. Please refer to the current offerings of this mini-calendar.

The course EN 4696 6.0 is only open to Certificate Students, and only to those who have achieved a grade of at least C+ in each of the Certificate courses taken prior to entering EN 4696.

Please note that all non-hispanophone Certificate students must have completed or be enrolled in a 6.0 credits Introductory Spanish course (or equivalent) in order to participate in EN 4696 and its international practicum.

The required teaching practicum

A teaching practicum, normally fulfilled in an international setting, is an integral component of the course EN 4696 6.0. This practicum is part of an academic exchange agreement between York University and the E.A. Varona Pedagogical University in Havana, Cuba, and involves all students enrolled in the EN 4696 6.0 course for 3 weeks, at the end of April and the first week of May.

Students requiring financial support may apply for a York International Mobility Award (YIMA), which covers a substantial portion of the costs of Toronto Havana air fare. In addition, the class will be expected to participate in fundraising activities. Any student, for whom this requirement presents an impediment, should contact the Certificate Coordinator as early as possible.

How to apply

Students currently registered at York University (Glendon or other faculties)
should contact:

Academic Services
C102 York Hall
Glendon Campus
Telephone: (416) 487-6715

Non-York University students should contact:

Student Recruitment & Applicant Relations
B108 York Hall
Glendon Campus
2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M6
Telephone: (416) 487-6710

Program Requirements

This certificate consists of 24 credits to be taken from the following:

21 obligatory credits:

EN/LIN/SOSC 1601 6.0 The Structure of English

EN/LIN 2611 3.0 Phonetics

EN/LIN 3606 3.0 Learning ESL

EN/LIN 4695 3.0 English as a World Language

EN/LIN 4696 6.0 Teaching English as an International Language (*)

(*) SP 1000 6.0 Introductory Spanish (or equivalent) is a pre- or corequisite
to EN/LIN 4696, for all non-hispanophone students.

3 credits to be chosen from any one of these courses:

EN/LIN 2634 3.0 Language & Society

EN/LIN 3604 3.0 Varieties of English

EN/LIN 3650 6.0 Sociolinguistics

EN/LIN 3655 6.0 Language Use in a Bilingual Setting

Note 1: a minimum grade of C+ is required in each of the above courses. Not every course is offered every year. Please refer to the English Department mini-calendar for current offerings.

Note 2: the course GL/EN 4696 6.00 is only open to certificate students, and only to those who have achieved a grade of at least C+ in each of the certificate courses. Students must be enrolled in or have completed an introductory Spanish course (or equivalent) in order to participate in this course and its international practicum.