Interviews to determine your level in English are arranged upon registration.
Note:   There is no interview required for English Beginner Level 1.

Course Descriptions:

Beginner 1
This course is for students who have little or no knowledge of English. The course emphasizes listening and speaking skills, although reading and writing skills are also developed. Basic grammar, along with vocabulary development, is introduced.

Beginner 2
This course is for students who have completed an introductory-level English course that includes basic grammar. The focus is on oral communication, although reading and writing skills continue as grammar and vocabulary are developed.

Intermediate 1
This course is for students who have an introduction to the basics of English and wish to develop more fluency in everyday communication. Grammar and vocabulary continue to be developed.

Intermediate 2
This course is for those who are comfortable
when dealing with most routine tasks and social situations. Focus is placed on idiomatic expressions, cultural aspects, expanding vocabulary, along with more advanced grammar structures.

Advanced 1 
This course is for those who are comfortable in most informal and formal conversations on concrete topics relating to work, school, home, leisure activities and to a lesser degree relating to events of current public and personal interest. Focus is on refining both oral and written communication

Advanced 2
This course is for those who are at ease communicating in both formal and informal settings on concrete and abstract topics related to practical needs and areas of professional and/or scholarly interests. Focus is on moving into first language discourse.


Spring 2017: April 1 to June 17 (no class on April 15)
Fall 2017: September 9 to November 18 (no class on October 7)
Winter 2018: To be determined
Spring 2018: To be determined

Schedule:  Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Registration Fee:  $360 CDN per level

Registration Procedure:  Download and complete the Registration Form.

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