During this course, students will

  • learn important concepts and technical aspects related to subtitling, its industry, audio and visual components, concision strategies, writing style, line breaks, synchronization, methodologies and international standards for DVD/Blu-ray, TV and digital movie file subtitling, and
  • complete a variety of subtitling exercises with video samples of different genres and difficulty levels using MS Word and Subtitle Workshop v. 6 (free subtitling software).

In short, the course will offer students a series of activities and strategies to develop the basic technical abilities needed for providing professional subtitling services, which the students can subsequently apply to their working languages.


  • Excellent command of English – all classes and course materials are in English
  • Strong computer skills, including Windows, MS Office and internet tools
  • Experience translation in any language strongly recommended – the course will focus on subtitling techniques and style rather than translation proper


“Very enjoyable. The homework got gradually more challenging and it really felt like we improved. The feedback was helpful and timely, and it was interesting to see others’ interpretations of the source text. The program was clearly put together with great care and both Bianca and Carol are very knowledgeable and willing to help.” Amanda Milroy, undergraduate student at Glendon College (French-English translation)

“I absolutely loved this course. This was such a smart idea to offer this course. I feel like I’ve been opened up to a whole new world of translation. I had no previous knowledge in subtitling and Bianca and Carol have done an absolutely tremendous job as instructors – they really know their stuff – and so clear! It was a joy to come to this class – keep offering it!” Kristina Lefave, French-English translator and student in the accelerated BA program at Glendon College

“This was an excellent course in every respect. Both instructors were very impressive. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!” Maurice Arcand, certified French-English translator

“I learned a lot. The cost was affordable and I feel ready to do subtitling professionally.” Nathalie O., certified English-French translator

For additional information and to register, please contact Glendon Extended Learning.

For more information on the Instructors:
Bianca Bold – www.biancabold.com
Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho – www.carolalfarotranslations.com

Dates :
Fall 2018: To be announced.

Schedule:  Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., then 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration Fee:  $450 CDN

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