Duncan Appleton

Course Director

Drama Studies

   York Hall 188, Theatre Glendon

Duncan Appleton has been working professionally in theatre for longer than he wants to admit. As a designer, manager and technician, he has worked in several cities in Canada, and onboard Celebrity Cruise Ships. Most recently, Duncan has been pursuing the rapidly developing art of interactive video and kinetic scenery, combining his passions for theatre, photography, and microprocessor technology. Duncan has been the Technical Coordinator at Theatre Glendon (York University) since he moved to Toronto in 1999, where he also teaches in Glendon College’s Drama and Creative (DRCA) Program. Recent design and production credits in Toronto include: Luminato, Soundstreams, Crow's Theatre, Théâtre français de Toronto, Bouchardanse and of course, countless shows at Theatre Glendon. Montreal credits include: Centaur Theatre, Repercussion Theatre, McGill University, and the National Theatre School's Directing Program. Duncan has collaborated extensively with Théâtre la Tangente since 2009 on shows that have been presented in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Theatre production, design, projections, lighting, sound

Principal's Teaching Excellence Award 2019