Louise Lewin

Senior Lecturer

French Studies

   C113 York Hall

Second Language Education

OISE/University of Toronto
MED (University of Toronto)


Sur les traces de l'hiver; Louise Lewin. Prentice-Hall of Canada, 1983. Teacher's guide (to be used in grades 7-8-9) accompanying a reader.

Journal Articles


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  • Lewin, L., Flewelling, J., Gagné, A. Testing Proficiency: Developing a framework for a communicative language proficiency test, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, Carfax Publishing Company with University of Bath, England; Vol. 19 (2), 1994.
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Book Chapters

Teaching and Hearing Languages, 1998. Edited by Anthony Mollica. Teaching culture in a North-American context : Hanukkah. pp. 433-436.