Josee S Rivest

Associate Professor


   156 York Hall

Professor Rivest conducts research in the field of visual perception and neuropsychology. Specifically, she studies face recognition, shape perception, and attention in individuals suffering from mild cognitive impairment and normals. Professor Rivest is affiliated Baycrest. She offers clinical neuropsychological services to patients who suffered from a brain damage to the posterior areas.

Elderly People
Health and Mental Health
Postsecondary Education and Research

Harvard University
York University

Journal Articles

Rivest, J., Moscovitch, M., Black, S. (2009). A comparative case study of face recognition: The contribution of configural and part-based recognition systems, and their interaction. Neuropsychologia. Tse, P. U., Rivest, J., Intriligator, J. and Cavanagh, P. (2004). Attention and the subjective expansion of time. Perception & Psychophysics, 66(7), 1171-1189. Rivest, J., Kim, J. S., Intriligator, J., Sharpe, J. A. (2004). Effect of Aging on Visual Shape Distortion. Gerontology (International Journal of Experimental, Clinical and Behavioral Gerontology), 50(3), 142-152.