Mary Catherine Davidson

Associate Professor

English | Linguistics and Language Studies

   York Hall C226
   416-736-2100 x 88162

British Literature
Language and Society

University of Toronto
University of Toronto

History of the English Language; Multilingualism; Language Attitudes; Cultural Studies.


Medievalism, Multilingualism and Chaucer (Palgrave MacMillan, 2010).

Journal Articles

    •    “Remembering our Saxon Forefathers: Linguistic Nationalism in Ivanhoe.” Studies in Medievalism XV (2006): 41-54.  Publisher's Site 
     •    “Speaking of Nostalgia in Beowulf.” Modern Philology 103.2 (2005): 143-155.  Full Text (PDF) 
     •    “Discourse Features of Code-Switching in Legal Reports in Late Medieval England.” Opening Windows on Texts and Discourses of the Past, eds. Janne Skaffari, Matti Peikola, Ruth Carroll, Risto Hiltunen and Brita Wårvik. John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2005. pp. 343-351.   Publisher's Site 
     •    “Code-Switching and Authority in Late Medieval England.” Neophilologus 87.3 (2003): 473-486.   Full Text (PDF) 
     •    “Did Shakespeare Consciously Use Archaic English?” Early Modern Literary Studies Special Issue 1 (April 1997): 4.1-14.   Full Text (HTML)  

Other Publications

Carol Percy and Mary Catherine Davidson, eds. The Languages of Nation: Attitudes and Norms (Multilingual Matters, 2012).