Joanna L. Robinson

Associate Professor


   C120 York Hall

My research interests include social movements, labour and inequality, globalization, the environment and climate change. I completed a study of anti-water privatization movements in the U.S. and Canada and a comparative study on environmental-labour coalitions and green jobs. My new research examines workers in traditional carbon-intensive sectors and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Climate Change
Employment, Labour and Training
Social Movements

University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California Berkeley

Social Movements; Labour and Work; Environment; Climate Change; Globalization; Inequality; Canada-U.S. Comparative Research

Les mouvements sociaux contre la privatisation de l’eau aux Etats-Unis et au Canada

Les mouvements sociaux et la justice climatique
Le travail et l’économie verte


Robinson, Joanna. 2013. "Contested Water: The Struggle against Water Privatization in the United States and Canada." Cambridge, MA: MIT Press   Maison d'édition 

Journal Articles

Robinson, Joanna, David Tindall, Erin Seldat and Gabriella Pechlaner. 2007. “Support for First Nations’ Land Claims Amongst Wilderness Preservation Movement Participants: The Potential for an Environmental Justice Movement in British Columbia”. Local Environment. 12(6):579-598. 



Book Chapters

Tindall, David B. and Joanna L. Robinson. 2015. “The Concept of Social Movement Revisited: An Empirical Investigation.” In Protest and Politics: The Promise of Social Movement Societies, edited by Howard Ramos and Kathleen Rodgers. Vancouver: UBC Press: 208-232.     

Tindall, D.B., Joanna L. Robinson, Mark C.J. Stoddart. 2015. “A View from Sociology: Environmental Movement Mobilization Over Old Growth Temperate Rainforests in British Columbia.” In Conflicts in Conservation: Navigating Towards Solutions, edited by Stephen Redpath, Ralph Gutierrez, Kenvi Wood, and Juliette Young. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.     
Tindall, D.B., Joanna L Robinson, and Mark C.J. Stoddart. 2014. “Social Network Centrality, Movement Identification, and the Participation of Individuals In a Social Movement: The Case of the Canadian Environmental Movement.” In Quantitative Graph Theory: Mathematical Foundations and Applications, edited by Matthias Dehmer and Frank Emmert-Streib. Oxford, UK: Chapman and Hall/CRC.     
Robinson, Joanna and David Tindall. 2008. “Defending the Forest: Chronicles of Protest at Clayoquot Sound” in Christine Lowther and Anita Sinner (eds.). Writing the West Coast: In Love with Place. Vancouver, B.C.: Ronsdale Press. 232-247

Other Publications

Christmas, Candice and Joanna Robinson. 2015. “Towards a Green Economy in Canada” Work in a Warming World Working Paper 2015-02. 47 pages.