Veronique Nathalie Tomaszewski

Course Director

International Studies

   extension 88381

Doctor V. Tomaszewski is a bilingual sociologist and a social philosopher / theorist. She teaches interdisciplinary courses in the sociology of culture, to study beliefs, representations, socialization and personality as well as identity development. She applies a holistic and experiential pedagogy that empowers students to develop their authentic sense of self, and explore consciousness and their purpose in life. She meditates, practices yoga and has trained in Non-violent communication and restorative circles.

Doctor Tomaszewski brings a mindfulness-based methodology to her classes. Professor Tomaszewski has a Master in sociology of culture from Université de Montréal and a PhD in social and political thought from York University. 

Her research interests converge towards mapping a transformational education in the foot steps of Sir Ken Robinson, John Templeton and UNESCO. They spread through (visual and textual) narratives about identity and social consciousness. Her interest in intersubjectivity results from the recognition that higher education is an environment where learning as formed experience also contributes to the development of self-reflexivity to stimulate pure perception and critical thinking, thus enhancing inner peace, leadership, and a more harmonious (peaceful and sustainable) society.

Bilingual, she participates when solicited to the advancement of French culture and language adaptation by coaching graduate students and developing courses in French as a second language.

She has received the Principal Teaching Award 2011 at Glendon College, York University for her holistic approach to higher education, "excellence in teaching and outstanding contribution to the life of Glendon College".

She now serves York University Glendon campus with a Long Service Teaching Appointment.

Beliefs, systems of representation and social consciousness

Visual arts

Women and Feminism

Ph.D. in Social and Political Thought, York Univeristy (2000)
M.Sc. in Sociology of Culture, Université de Montréal (1993)

Mindfulness in higher education

Leadership and character building