Yukari Takai

Course Director


   258 York Hall

United States

Doctorat :
Histoire, Université de Montréal
Maîtrise :
Études internationales (Asie/Pacifique), Université de Tokyo des Études étrangères

- Asian Transborder Migration along the Canadian and Mexican Border during the Period of Exclusion (1882-1943)
- Gender, Work, and Migration (Asians and French Canadians in the Twentieth Century)


Gendered Passages: French-Canadian Migration to Lowell, Massachusetts, 1900-1920. Peter Lang: New York, 2008.

Journal Articles

“‘These Japanese Continuously Violated the Alien-Contract Labour Laws’: The Gendered Paths of Labourers, Farmers and Housewives from Japan Traversing the Canada-U.S. Border in the Early Twentieth Century,” Histoire sociale/Social History 80 (November 2007): 297-322.

“Doing Transnational History at a Canada-U.S. Borderland: Japanese Remigrants and the Rise of the Border” (in Japanese), American History, 30 (2007): 65-82.

“The Family Networks and Geographic Mobility of French-Canadian Immigrants in Early Twentieth-Century Lowell, Massachusetts.” Journal of Family History 26, no. 3 (July 2001), 373-394.

“Shared Earnings, Unequal Responsibilities: Paid Work of Single French-Canadian Immigrant Women in Lowell, Massachusetts,” Labour/Le travail 47(Spring 2001), 115-132.

“Sexe et expérience de travail comme critères migratoires: le cas des immigrantes canadiennes-françaises à Lowell, Massachusetts au début du vingtième siècle,” Francophonies d’Amérique, 11 (2001), 183-193.

“An ‘Adapting’ Mechanism in the Process of Immigration: An Age and Gender Profile of French-Canadian Immigrants in an Early Twentieth-Century Textile City” (in Japanese), The Annual Review of Canadian Studies 20 (2000), 17-35.

“A Historiographical Study of French-Canadian Migration to New England: At a Crossroad of Immigration History and Family History” (in Japanese), The Annual Review of Canadian Studies 16 (1996), 17-35.

Book Chapters

“Immigrants, Nation-States and Historical Narratives: Reflections on the Invisibility of the Canada-U.S. Border from a Historical Perspective” (in Japanese). In America's Lost Hegemony: Twelve Thoughts to Examine Its Causes, ed. Yoneyuki Sugita, 317-337. Tokyo: Sanwa Shoseki, 2007.