Alireza Barouni Ebrahimi


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I completed a PhD in Curriculum and Studies in Applied Linguistics at Western University under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Webb and Dr. Farahnaz Faez. My PhD project focused on measuring productive depth of vocabulary knowledge of the most frequent words. My interest lies mainly in language assessment, vocabulary knowledge, Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, and English for Academic Purposes.

I am a TESL certified teacher by TESL Canada and TESL Ontario, a certified CELPIP instructor by Paragon Testing Enterprises, and a certified IELTS teacher by British Council as language assessment and preparation for language tests have been my areas of interest and expertise.   

PhD in Curriculum and Studies in Applied Linguistics at Western University, London, ON, Canada

MA & BA in TEFL, IAU, Iran

Measuring Depth of Vocabulary of Knowledge

Journal Articles

Measuring productive collocational knowledge of the most frequent words

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Measuring Productive Derivational Knowledge of the Most Frequent Words

International Journal of Applied Linguistics. (Submitted in January 2019)

Measuring Productive Associational Knowledge of the Most Frequent Words

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Aspects of word knowledge: Receptive versus productive performances

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The design of the basic beginner course

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