Catherine R. Power

Political Thought

History of Political Thought

Early modern and Enlightenment thought

BAH - University of Toronto

MA - McGill University

PhD - University of Toronto (pending)

My research examines our ideas of modern political community, citizenship, and sovereignty. I am especially interested in the political theologies and Hebraisms of sovereignty, citizenship, and law that emerged amidst the French Wars of Religion and how those frameworks were taken up and transformed within absolutist thought of the 17th century and then again by thinkers in the secularizing Enlightenment and Revolutionary periods.

Journal Articles

2020 – “Witchcraft, Human Nature, and Political Theology in Jean Bodin’s de la Démonomanie des sorciers.” Journal of Political Theology (February 2020).

2019 – “Figural Judaism and Political Thought in the Marquis d’Argens’ Lettres juives.” Review of Politics 81 no. 3 (Summer 2019).

Book Chapters

(forthcoming) Book Chapter – “Renaissance Political Thought” in Research Handbook on the History of Political Thought. Edited by Cary Nederman and Guillaume Bogiaris. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

(forthcoming)  “Judeophobic Tropes in Political Thought and Discourses” in Virginia Stead (Ed.) Stead Series: Equity in Higher Education Theory, Policy, & Praxis: Vol 15, Confronting Antisemitism on Campus, Peter Lang Publishing.

2018 – (Translator) "The Scandal of a French Sephardic Banker, his Wife, and an Italian Actor (Paris, 1778-1784)" in The Rainbow Tribe: Two Thousand Years of LGBTQ Jewish History (edited by Noam Sienna). Philadelphia: Print-O-Craft.