Timothy E. Moore

Professeur titulaire


   167 York Hall
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Droit, justice et crime

Doctorat :
Université de New York à Buffalo
Maîtrise :
Université de New York à Buffalo

My research interests lie at the intersection of cognitive psychology and criminal law, including topics such as interrogations, false confessions, interviewing witnesses, comprehension of Charter rights, and police undercover operations.  

Articles dans des revues savantes

 Luther, K., Snook, B., & Moore, T. E. (2018). Lingering Problems with the Mr Big Technique. CREST Security Review, Issue 8, 22-25.


Moore, T. E. (2017).  Speaking out on the right to remain silent. The Lawyer’s Daily, November 14.


Moore, T. E. (2018). ‘Mr. Big’ back in the spotlight. The Lawyer’s Daily, July 18, 2018.

  Moore, T. E. (2020). Mr. Big secures conviction in New Zealand. The Lawyer's Daily, January 6, 2020.