York University’s Faculty of Education at Glendon offers a Bachelor of Education for future French as a Second Language teachers in a concurrent degree program. It is designed specifically to prepare future French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French teachers in Anglophone school boards at the following levels:

  • Primary/Junior (kindergarten to grade 6)
  • Junior/Intermediate (grade 4 to grade 10)
  • Intermediate/Senior (grade 7 to grade 12)

This program addresses a provincial need to prepare additional well-qualified French as a Second Language teachers. Our bilingual campus and excellence in language education provide the ideal setting for this program. Many students report great experiences in the program and find jobs in their field upon graduation.

Not only will you be studying how to become a teacher, you’ll be learning how to teach French specifically as a subject, with French immersion placements being what sets us apart. This relevant experience will equip you with the different language learning settings and teaching skills needed to set you apart in the job market after you graduate.

When would I start my BEd courses?

Your first years at Glendon are a time to familiarize yourself with university life and to complete your BA courses. BEd courses begin later in the degree.