Glendon has a few defining features which, taken together, give our campus an unarguably unique feel.

Small classWe’re small.

If you were to ask a Glendonite what our campus is like, they would without a doubt mention its cozy, small, and close-knit feel.

Glendon by numbers:

  • Average class size = 28 students (not the overall ratio of students to profs on campus, but the actual class size!)
  • Campus population = 2,700
  • Maximum walk between classes = maybe 5 minutes

So what’s in it for you?

Personalized attention and support from your professors and services areas? Check. Outstanding opportunities for networking? Check. An unhurried learning environment? Check. Greater opportunities for reference letters for jobs or grad school? Check. Friendly, familiar faces in the halls? Check. The chance for leaders to get noticed? Check. A campus that makes it easy to get involved? Check.

We could go on.

What makes it all the more unique? Being in Toronto, Canada’s most vibrant business, cultural, sports, and arts centre. Our students appreciate the balance of small and the city.

We’re spirited.

Glendon frosh leaders pose for a group photobomb at orientation

Glendon frosh leaders pose for a group photobomb at orientation


There’s an overwhelming sense of Lionheart pride on campus that manifests itself from orientation all the way to graduation.

Case in point:

We do languages and international really, really well.

Picture a place where 100% of the students study in two languages — English and French, and 20% study in at least three.  A place where bilingual certification comes standard with every degree, whether you start as a complete beginner, are a high-school French grad, or a Francophone. Notice the signage, student newspaper, classes, and campus support services in both languages, and how Anglophones (about 2/3 of our students) and Francophones (about 1/3 of our students) intermingle, help each other learn the other language, and sometimes switch languages almost without noticing. Remark that campus employment fairs draw major organizations specifically looking to hire our bilingual grads.

Picture all this, and you’re starting to get a sense of how much we value languages.  You too?  Bienvenue chez vous !

Our focus on languages is perfectly complemented by the international dimension of the Glendon experience.

We want to prepare our students for an increasingly global workforce, and we celebrate the incredible diversity in our community as we do it. Here’s just a few examples:

Isabel-A-En3Our students hail from over 100 countries.

Meet Isabel, a first-year Linguistics student from Columbia who’s blogging about her adventures studying and living in Canada.


We’re home to Canada’s longest-standing International Studies program.

Get hands-on experience while earning credits towards your degree with an internship, or participate in our award-winning International Studies Symposium — a student-led project — where you can conduct an in-depth study of a country or region, organize an international conference, and, in some instances, visit there for a field study.

Asha A ENWe send 3 times more students on an international exchange than the national average.

This amounts to about 10% of our students. Want a peek into exchange life? Follow Asha on her international exchange in the Netherlands.

We offer the only iBA and iBSc degrees in the country.

Our unique international Bachelor of Arts (bilingual or trilingual option!), and international Bachelor of Science degrees allow you to keep your mindset global with internationally-focused courses, a third-year exchange, and language certification when you graduate.