While there’s a distinct difference between the Liberal Arts (think social sciences and humanities) and the Fine Arts (think music, painting, acting), Glendon nonetheless has a lively and active arts scene.

Whether you’re interested in showcasing your talents at student-run Lunik Co-op Café‘s Café Chantant (which means Coffee House), getting your inner music nerd on with the Glendon Musical Ensemble, or flexing your acting muscles with Lionheart Productions, our student-run theatre production company, Glendon’s art scene is far from lacking.

Other opportunities to get involved include:

  • Théâtre Glendon, showcasing numerous productions over the course of the academic year as well as Glendon’s annual Fridge Festival, showing off Glendon’s talent through student organizers, directors, stage managers, and actors.
  • GDT, Glendon’s student recreational dance team aims to introduce you to a variety of styles of dance, from hip hop to tap to soca.