Working On Campus

Working on campus is a great way to build your resumé, develop valuable skills, establish your professional networks, and earn additional income during the school year. Depending on the number of hours you’re available to work each week, your professional goals, and your previous experience, there are a number of positions available at Glendon and the Keele campus available to students, including:
  • Research assistant
  • Campus ambassador or eAmbassador
  • Language monitor
  • Lifeguard
  • Night porter in residence
  • Lion’s Den student coordinator
  • Library assistant

You can apply for these jobs by:

  1. Completing the Student Financial Profile for current students in August
  2. Making a list of jobs that interest you and update your resume (the Counselling and Career Centre has resources that can help!)
  3. Applying for jobs online starting in August, or in person at the very beginning of September.

Want a peek inside the lives of students working and studying?  eAmbassador Esther features a selection of Glendonites who work part time while studying.