Saturday November 1st 11:30am-1pm
Discussion between Philippe Blanchard and Geneviève Thauvette
The talk will be held in French.

This event will be broadcasted live on Livestream.
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Lumière concrète / Structured Light

October 21 to November 22, 2014
Structured Light
Multimédia Installation
Philippe Blanchard
Opening: October 21st from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
21 octobre au 22 novembre 2014
Lumière concrète
Installation multimédia
Philippe Blanchard
Vernissage: 21 octobre de 17h30 à 20h30

PhilippeBlanchard_Glendon Small

2014-2015 Season

Into the colourful air – En los vivos colores del aire

From September 29 to October 11

Opening exhibition of the 23rd Edition of the Festival of Images & Words: Shared Spaces: Ibero-Pan-American Connections


Daniel Tomasini, artist from Uruguay

Opening reception: September 29 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Any Tomasini painting is intended to embody a pure expression of colour aiming to spark the spectators’ emotions. His half-abstract style, inspired by Canadian forests in autumn, involves using a spatula to intuitively apply thick layers of colour. The sensation inspired by colour guides him in centering the spectator’s attention on the world of nature. For Tomasini, art is the product of emotion and sensitivity, and comes from the heart. He creates a dialogue to be shared with people from all around the world.

Presented by the Cultural Celebration of the Spanish Language (CCIE) in collaboration with Ibero-American Consular Corps.

Structured Light

From October 21st to November 22nd


Philippe Blanchard

Opening: October 21st from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturday November 1st from 11:30am to 1pm: Artistic brunch

Conversation between Philippe Blanchard and Geneviève Thauvette, a young up-and-coming professional artist based in Toronto and member of the programming committee of Le LABO.

For this new exhibition, Philippe Blanchard continues his explorations using computer-controlled lighting and sculptures made out of screen prints to generate the illusion of movement and to explore animation as an installation medium. Two new works will be presented: a room-sized sculptural installation and a collage imbedded in the wall, both inspired by architectural structures relating to light or fire.

Presented by: Le Labo – Toronto’s Francophone Media Arts Centre.

Supported by: Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, oronto Arts Council, Canada Arts Council.

Glendon Student Jury Visual Arts Competion Exhibit

From Jan 20th to 31st

Opening: January 3rd from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Five prizes will be awarded at the opening reception:

  • Vice Provost, Students, York University ($250)
  • Office of the Principal of Glendon College ($200)
  • Friends of Glendon ($175)
  • Office of the Associate Principal, Student Services, Glendon College ($150)
  • Glendon College Student Union ($100)

For more information: please contact Elizabeth Banerd: or drop by the art gallery.

Reflected Cities, Reflecting Women

From Februry 10th to March 13th

Opening: February 10th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Guest Curator: Jeanne-Elyse Renaud


  • Ontario : Izabel Barsive (Video), Julie Lassonde (Performance), Yasmine Louis (Silkscreen printing), Erica Brisson (Social intervention)
  • Québec : Catherine Sylvain (Sculpture), Sophie Privé (Painting), Véronique La Perrière (Drawing),
    Anouk Desloges (Contemporary embroidery)

The main objective of this exhibit project is to link and diffuse the different pieces of artistic research developed by eight francophone artists working in Québec and in Ontario. They carry cultural baggage filled with references and reflect on the multiple factors defining women today.

The exhibition proposes a diversified and multi-sensory vision which is projected and questioned by female artists in order to better understand women’s reality in Canada. It will put into perspective various paths of reflection touching various aspects of life such as the social environment, the work life, or the individual landscape. Villes doubles, femmes dédoublées /Reflected Cities, Reflecting Women, offers a multi-faceted view of the feminine landmarks of today.

Supported by the Ontario Art Council.

Airborn 6 – The Daedalus Salute

From March 11th to April 11th, Hall of the Center of Excellence of Glendon

Onsite installation by the Padejo Collective: Paul Walty, Joseph Muscat, Denis Leclerc

Opening: date to be confirmed

March 9th, 10th, 11th: Workshops & talks

The Glendon Gallery of York University has invited the PADEJO Collective to create an ephemeral installation in the lobby of the Centre of Excellence situated at the entrance of the campus. High school students specializing in visual arts will be able to use Sous-pression V1 – Les fils d’Ariane as an artistic education in French.

The three artists perceive their installation entitled Sous-pression V1 – Les fils d’Ariane as the next step in the synergistic fusion of art, myth and education. Since the work will be created onsite, the installation will give the opportunity for all interested parties to help the artists in the creation and installation of the piece.

Event presented in collaboration with Glendon Student Recruitment and Applicant Relations. Supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Movie screening : Following Padejo

Driven by chance and playfulness as a work philosophy, three adventurous artists create on-site balloon installations in Sudbury, Toronto and Montreal.

Film maker : Alexandre Loukos

Alexandre studied cinema in Paris. He explored narratively with passion in fiction or experimental short films. Following Padejo is his first documentary feature.

Glendon Art Classes Exhibit

March 24th to 31st

Opening: March 24th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm


You can download the program in PDF format here.