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CHEZ LE DISQUAIRE - Record Jackets and video loops

Kevin Eiichi DeForest

October 25 to November 30, 2010

Media Review (in French)

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Reception for Kevin Ei-ichi deForest

CHEZ LE DISQUAIRE - record jackets and video loops / October 25th, 2010

Photos taken by Yuki Y.


- record jackets and video loops -

October 25 th to November 30th, 2010

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 Press Release


Glendon Gallery

October 25 to November 30, 2010

Kevin Ei-Ichi de Forest

-Chez le disquairerecord jackets and video loops-

(Installation & video projection)


TORONTO, 1st October 2010The return of fall continues at the Glendon Gallery with an exhibit with Kevin Ei-Ichi de Forest, entitled Chez le disquairerecord jackets and video loops, from October 25 to November 30, 2010. The exhibition is about interracial identity, in particular, the artist’s own Eurasian mixed heritage. It makes use of a large spectrum of media including painting, drawing, sound recording and video installation. All are welcome to join a guided tour with the artist on Monday October 25th at 5:30 p.m., followed by the opening reception at 6:00 p.m. Free entrance.


Native to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kevin Ei-ichi deForest studied architecture and fine arts at the University of Manitoba as well as Concordia University, Montreal, where he obtained a Masters degree in Fine Arts.  He also completed post-secondary studies at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, Netherlands and at University Seika, Kyoto, Japan.


Kevin Ei-Ichi de Forest explores the hybrid dimension of his Canadian-Japanese identity, by broadening the use of artistic media, such as painting and drawing, but within the confines of the audio-visual of a video installation. Just as illustrations of record covers can only condense the music hidden inside the envelope; the physical appearance (slanting eyes, white skin, black hair, etc.) diminishes identity and establishes a racial and social hierarchy. The disassociation of references common to identity (name, sex, race), invites us to enter into a questioning which is, at the same time, controversial and inside the self in relation to the other, in order to free oneself from stereotypes and to creatively explore one’s own hybrid nature.


Chez le disquairerecord jackets and video loops is a constantly evolving collection of empty record covers which the artist has retouched using various means such as painting, drawing and other mixed techniques. Often he includes self portraits, as well as the writing of his name.  His inscriptions on the covers represent a declaration of a hybrid identity, referring to popular music and to his Japanese heritage. This exhibit-installation also incorporates a video projection consisting of an assemblage of videos created and presented in a continuous loop by the artist.


We would like to thank all our media partners: L’Express and le Métropolitain, Radio-Canada’s radio and television media, CJBC860 AM, la Première Chaîne. Thanks to the Advisory Committee Members: Marc Audette, Nadine Bariteau, Colette Laliberté, Pierre Tremblay, Véronique Tomaszewski and Jonathan Kates.


Exhibition Title:  Chez le disquairerecord jackets and video loops

Artist: Kevin Ei-Ichi de Forest                             

Curator: Marc Audette

Dates: October 25 to November 30, 2010          

Opening reception: October 25th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Artist’s tour: 5:30 p.m.

Location: Glendon Gallery, Glendon College, York University, 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, M4N 3M6

Directions: Yonge subway to Lawrence station, 124 Sunnybrook bus, short ride to Glendon campus


Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday: noon to 3 p.m. Saturday: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information: 416-487-6721 - web site: http://www.glendon.yorku.ca/gallery.

- 30 -

Contact: Martine Rheault, Coordinator of Artistic and Cultural Affairs,

artculture@glendon.yorku.ca, 416-487-6859.

Kevin Ei-Ichi deforest is available for interview in English and Japanese

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