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A unique Canadian institution, the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs combines a comprehensive bilingualism with a focus upon both public and international affairs. Adopting a global perspective, the School explores the relationship between public institutions and their larger environment. Its purpose is to advance research on public and international affairs; provide a high-quality bilingual master’s program; and offer innovative professional development programming.

The Glendon School is located in mid-town Toronto on the fully bilingual Glendon Campus of York University. This picturesque setting is the ideal venue for bringing together public leaders and academic specialists to discuss and debate the challenges facing contemporary public life.

Master's in Public and International Affairs

The flagship component of the School, our Master’s program offers a uniquely bilingual education that will prepare students for leadership roles in public life. Students become well-versed not only in public policy and administration, but in public affairs – a broader examination of Canadian public institutions and the international environments in which they function.

GSPIA has the recipe for your success.

Program Highlights

  • Fully bilingual 2-year program prepares students for work in public affairs at all levels of government or in the voluntary and private sectors
  • Strong multidisciplinary faculty and national and international visiting professors combine scholarship ad practical experience
  • The Centre for Global Challenges brings in international experts, exposing students to international issues, particularly as they affect domestic policy
  • Core courses cut across traditoinal boundaries, exploring the links among social, economic and environmental policy, and between international and domestic issues
  • Optional courses address current issues of policy and public administration
  • Mandatory student internships expose students to direct practical experience in public affairs
  • Innovative approaches including team teaching, student conferences and opportunities to work through problems, individually and in teams, from preparing briefing notes to developing a memorandum to Cabinet
  • Small classes, an intensely personal experience

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Latest News and Information

Miloud Chennoufi

Public Lecture: " Que peut la diplomatie dans le conflit syrien? "

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

3 PM - 5 PM

Senate Chamber, York Hall C123

Glendon Campus - York University


Bruce M. Hicks

Montreal Gazette - October 7, 2015

National Post - October 6, 2015

Ottawa Citizen - October 5, 2015


A. Alan Borovoy

1932 - 2015


Eugene Lang

Conference: Building A Better Canada

Thursday March 26 - Saturday 28, 2015

Bruce M. Hicks

Conference: Senate Reform in Canada

Going Boldly Where No Senate has Gone Before?

Friday March 13 - Saturday March 14, 2015

Bruce M. Hicks

CBC radio - March 12, 2015

Eugene Lang wrote for:

The Star

"We need new thinking to meet Canada's new challenges"

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"Monetarism is dead, finally"

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"What Keystone XL pipeline means to Barack Obama"

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The Globe and Mail

"Canada's messy way of going to war"

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Bruce Hicks wrote for:

Ottawa Citizen

"Lessons for Canada in how the UK appoints judges"

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The Star

"How to reform the Senate in as little as one year's time"

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Director Alex Himelfarb Named to Top 25 Influential People List

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Deadline for Fall 2015 applications: February 11, 2015

Bob RAE, former Premier of Ontario

John McCALLUM, former Minister of National Defence

and former Chief Economist, Royal Bank

Kevin PAGE, former Parliamentary Budget Officer

Recent 2013-14 guests have included:

Mr. David Mulroney, Mr. Dominique Wolton, Hon. Pierre Pettigrew, Dr. Clayton Ruby, Amb. Marie-Anne Coninsx, Mr. Paul Heinbecker, Ms. Marie-Lucie Morin, Senator David Smith, Mr. Robert Calderisi, Ms. Marianne McLean, Mr. Tony Giles, Mr. Craig Scott, Mr. Irvin Studin, Mr. Eric Morse.


Alex Himelfarb, GSPIA and CGC Director, Official Blog:


Upcoming & Recent Events


April 10, 2015
L'Impact de la première guerre mondiale sur le Canada et la France
April 9, 2015

Our Vision of Canada 2015

MPIA Year End Colloquium

April 8, 2015
The Future of the Senate: Status Quo, Reform or Abolition?
March 2, 2015
New Thinking to Meet Canada's New Challenges: Breaking free from Neoliberalism
December 4, 2014
Greg Sorbara on Ontario Politics
November 27, 2014
How we go to War: Reflections on Canada's Decision-Making Process
October 23, 2014
Fiddling while Rome burns? A Conference on Public Intellectuals and the Future of Canada
October 21, 2014
Raising Hell...Lawfully
October 7, 2014
US Mid-Term Elections


September 25, 2014
Irak et Syrie, au-delà de la descente aux enfers
October 14, 2013
Les promesses déçues du printemps arabe: de la démocratie illibérale e Égypte à la guerre civile en Syrie
October 24, 2013
La communication, enjeu de la paix et de la guerre au XXIe siècle



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