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A. Alan Borovoy

1932 - 2015


Eugene Lang

Conference: Building A Better Canada

Thursday March 26 - Saturday 28, 2015

Bruce Hicks

Conference: Senate Reform in Canada

Going Boldly Where No Senate has Gone Before?

Friday March 13 - Saturday March 14, 2015

Bruce Hicks

on CBC radio - March 12, 2015

Eugene Lang wrote for:

The Star

"We need new thinking to meet Canada's new challenges"

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"Monetarism is dead, finally"

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"What Keystone XL pipeline means to Barack Obama"

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The Globe and Mail

"Canada's messy way of going to war"

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Bruce Hicks wrote for:

Ottawa Citizen

"Lessons for Canada in how the UK appoints judges"

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The Star

"How to reform the Senate in as little as one year's time"

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Director Alex Himelfarb Named to Top 25 Influential People List

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Deadline for Fall 2015 applications: February 11, 2015

Bob RAE, former Premier of Ontario

John McCALLUM, former Minister of National Defence

and former Chief Economist, Royal Bank

Kevin PAGE, former Parliamentary Budget Officer

Recent 2013-14 guests have included:

Mr. David Mulroney, Mr. Dominique Wolton, Hon. Pierre Pettigrew, Dr. Clayton Ruby, Amb. Marie-Anne Coninsx, Mr. Paul Heinbecker, Ms. Marie-Lucie Morin, Senator David Smith, Mr. Robert Calderisi, Ms. Marianne McLean, Mr. Tony Giles, Mr. Craig Scott, Mr. Irvin Studin, Mr. Eric Morse.


Alex Himelfarb, GSPIA and CGC Director, Official Blog:



About the School


Welcome Message from the Director of the School



Welcome to Glendon and to its graduate school of public and international affairs.

The Glendon School of Public & International Affairs builds upon Glendon’s mission of preparing bilingual leaders for Canada’s public life and promoting debate about the central issues facing the country.  Uniquely equipped to function in both of Canada’s official languages, The School pursues this mission in a variety of ways:

  • Faculty and fellows.  The School draws together close to 20 permanent faculty members, from a variety of disciplines, and a number of visiting fellows, who bring to bear practical public sector experience.
  • Master’s in Public & International Affairs Housed and supported by the School, the MPIA is a two-year full-time program that combines course work, in both English and French, on the theories and practice of public affairs and on the global setting of public affairs in Canada. Students participate in:
    • Summer internships with governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations
    • Exchanges with such universities as Sciences po (Paris), Strasbourg, Laval, and el Colegio de México.
    • Double degree program with Université de Strasbourg, France
  • Conferences, colloquia and public lectures.  The School builds on Glendon’s unique role as a lieu de rencontre between Canada’s Anglophone and Francophone communities and serves as a platform to influence Canadian public life.
  • Promoting Relations with Governments and the Public Sector
    • MPIA students participate in a weekly seminar where distinguished guest speakers present and debate with students in English, French or ideally a combination of both.
    • The GSPIA has welcomed two federal public servants in residence; a senior Ontario public servant is at Glendon on extended leave. 
    • Deputy minister ‘champions’ in the federal and Ontario governments support the School
  • Professional Development Beyond tailor-made programming for public officials, the School has trained a number of federal public servants in French as a Second Language.
  • Advisory Committee  Supporting the School is a committee composed of public affairs leaders such as David Collenette, Graham Fraser, Kim Campbell, Chantal Hébert, Claude Lamoureux, Michael Meighen, André Pratte, Justice Paul Rouleau, and Jean-Louis Roy.

In sum, the Glendon School of Public & International Affairs is a uniquely bilingual institution.  Indeed, situated on a picturesque campus in mid-town Toronto, it’s one of Canada’s national treasures.   I invite you to learn more about it through exploring this website.  Better yet, we invite you to visit us to learn first-hand about the many opportunities that the School has to offer.


Dr. Kenneth McRoberts

Director, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs

Biography of Dr. Kenneth McRoberts







School of Public and International Affairs Glendon Campus, York University
2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3M6 T: 416 487 6706 F: 416 487 6786