(MCI) Master of Conference Interpreting

THE MASTER OF CONFERENCE INTERPRETING (MCI) at Glendon seeks to prepare a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable professionals for a rewarding career in this dynamic, fast-paced field.

The demand for qualified conference interpreters is at an all-time high, and is only expected to grow. It is a discipline that can take you from the boardrooms on Toronto’s Bay Street, and the corridors of power in Ottawa to other important world cities beyond Canada’s borders. It may lead to a rewarding career working for a national government or for an international organization, for example, or a lucrative one in the private sector. In addition, graduates of the MCI program may elect to enjoy the flexibility of a busy freelance career that this in-demand field readily affords. 


To get you to these professional destinations, the MCI at Glendon successfully assembles a number of innovative approaches to interpreter training. The first year of the program prepares you foremost to be a well-rounded professional, and you acquire the specific interpreting techniques needed to excel in different settings — not only conference, but also court and healthcare. Those that wish to practice professionally in these latter two areas can exit the program at the end of the first year, earning the Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting. In addition, the first year of the program is taught exclusively online, through real-time, interactive classes that are language specific. You will be taught by some of the best working interpreters from around the world, and you will be ready to interpret using the technologies that are rapidly changing the profession.

If you go on to the second year of the program, your classes will focus strictly on conference interpreting, and they will be taught on the Glendon campus in uptown Toronto, a tranquil oasis of green located in one of the city’s most beautiful neighbourhoods. Glendon is the ideal environment, with its new conference facilities, fully equipped for simultaneous interpreting, and with its state-of-the-art interpreting lab. As well, numerous internship and networking opportunities mean that when you graduate from the second year and earn the full Master of Conference Interpreting, you will be very well positioned to launch an exciting career – at home or abroad – within unlimited areas of interest.

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