(MCI) Master of Conference Interpreting

THE MASTER OF CONFERENCE INTERPRETING (MCI) at Glendon is a two-year graduate program that uses blended learning to prepare you to join a new generation of professionals embarking upon a rewarding career in a dynamic, fast-paced field.

Your instructors are all qualified professionals. Your conference interpreting courses will be taught by working interpreters who are either Active members of AIIC or accredited by the leading institutional employers. Your court and healthcare interpreting instructors will either have achieved certification in their field, or – in some cases – will have helped to create it.

They will train you to enter an evolving job market. Your interpreting career path can take you to the corridors of power in Ottawa, or to important world cities beyond Canada’s borders. It may provide lucrative options to start your own business, and to use technology to reach around the world. It may allow you to safeguard people’s liberties, or even their very lives.

funded-byIn Year One, your learning will happen entirely online, in real time. You’ll connect with teachers and classmates from around the world. You will also learn to interpret in three settings – healthcare, court and conference – so that you have maximum flexibility to explore job prospects should you exit after Year One and earn the Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting.

In Year Two, join us on the Glendon campus in Toronto’s affluent Lawrence Park neighbourhood. We’re situated on a wooded ravine known for its natural beauty. It’s the ideal location for you to narrow your focus to conference interpreting in your onsite classes. When you successfully complete your training, you’ll receive the full Master of Conference Interpreting and be ready to free lance or seek employment with an institutional employer.

Do we speak your language? We work with Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. You should be a native speaker of one of these languages, and you should have a near-native command of at least one of the others.

Learn more about our application procedures, and contact us today!

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