Computer labs


Glendon’s computer labs provide access to the internet, software and printing to support Glendon’s academic needs.
Public Labs
  • Lab 220 (YH220 - 28 seat lab)
  • Lab 207D in the Frost library (15 seat lab)
  • Lab 030 (YH030A - 46 seat lab)
Public Computers in Common Spaces
  • First floor of the Breezeway (6 computers)
  • Frost library reading room (8 computers)
  • Frost library lobby (9 computers)
  • Frost library second floor common space (6 computers)
Restricted Access Labs
  • Interpretation lab (YH143)
  • Research lab (YHB217)


Most labs are accessible to anyone with a valid Passport York ID.  Some labs are restricted to certain programs or groups.


  • Users must abide by the Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology.
  • Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the labs.
  • Talking on cell phone is not permitted in the labs.  You may however use your phone for quiet activities (ie. text, browse the web, etc.).
  • Out of respect to other users, please keep noise to a minimum.  Use headphones if you are listening to audio.  Headphones can be borrowed from the helpdesk.    The helpdesk can also provide crates of headphones for large groups on request.
  • Sharing of computer accounts is forbidden.  Any account found to be used by another person will be locked.
  • Files left on computers (C: drive) are deleted after a computer restart.
  • Computers left unused will be automatically logged out.
  • Do not disconnect any computer cables (network, mouse, keyboard, monitor, power).  Contact the helpdesk if you need assistance.

How to request the service

A valid Passport York ID is the only requirement to use the lab.  Printing requires a YU Card with funds.  Guest printing cards are available from the Frost library.


Lab usage is free.  Note that there are charges for printing.  External groups may be charged for computer accounts.


Lab reservations:
Important notes:
  • Labs are available on a first come first serve basis.  Lab YH220 cannot be reserved.
  • Black and white printing is available in all labs (10 cents per page).
  • Colour printing is available at YH219, YH220(grad/staff only) and at Frost Library (25 cents per page).
  • A scanning station is available in YH219 and YH220(grad/staff only).
Best practices:
  • Save your work to your network drive (F: or X:), or to a flash drive/usb key.
  • Never share your Passport York ID.
  • Do not save files on the computer’s hard drive (C:).
  • Always log off when you leave a computer.
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended in the labs.  We are not responsible for lost items.  If an item is found, it will be taken to the Security Office (Greenhouse).


Glendon ITS Helpdesk: Email: Phone: 416-487-6700

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