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Linguistics and Language Studies

Linguistics and Language Studies examines the building blocks of languages, how they develop and change over time, how people learn languages, how regional accents differ, and other fascinating language-based questions. Linguistics principles can be applied to all languages; at Glendon we focus on English, French, and Spanish.
Why Linguistics and Language Studies at Glendon?  ››

Careers & Alumni Linguistics graduate Naomi Knight is grateful for the doors Glendon opened for her. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Sydney in Australia. More ››

Linguistics and Language Studies can lead you to a career in speech language pathology, editing, publishing, language teaching, advertising, and more. Some students pursue a Master’s degree in speech pathology, while others go on to graduate studies in other specializations in linguistics.

Professor Ian Martin has helped the government of the newly created territory of Nunavut to develop its language policies in the area of education.


Alison graduated in 2014 with a degree in Linguistics with a minor in Hispanic Studies. After coming from high school with core French and starting Spanish in her 2nd year, Alison ended up taking classes in all three languages in her 4th year.


It was Jasmin’s professor in the UK that highly recommended Glendon’s linguistics program. She transferred here shortly after and is currently enjoying life in the big city.

Follow Jasmin as she continues to pursue her passion of learning about the inner workings of language ››


  Program Highlights

The Linguistics Program will be soon offered as an iBA, pending approval from York's Senate.

Our bilingual campus and top-rate English, French and Spanish language programs are internationally recognized, making Glendon an ideal place to pursue a linguistics degree.

Consider combining your Linguistics degree with another Glendon program. There are surprising overlaps between fields to explore.

Glendon students have access to a host of campus resources, including the Centre for Research on Language Contact, the School of Translation, a French publishing house called Éditions du GREF, and computer-based language tools.

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Celebrated Author Chooses Glendon for Background Research


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