In this section, you will find a comprehensive list of all active YU Connect forms with a description of when and how they are used. To access the form, simply click on the name and you will be linked to YU Connect.


On-Campus Event Space Application

Use the On-Campus Event Space Application to submit requests for large-scale events, such as galas and conferences. This is a detailed form with separate pages for services such as ITS, Facilities, and Catering.


On-Campus Meeting Space Application

Use the On-Campus Meeting Space Application to submit requests for weekly, biweekly, monthly club meeting requests. These events are smaller in scale and the form will not go in-depth for additional services.


Tabling application

Use the Tabling application to reserve a table on campus. Spaces for tabling include the Centre of Excellence (Shared year-round with the Lion’s Den), the table in the cafeteria, the table outside YH 172, the table by the ATM, and other spaces.


Request For Bake Sale On Campus

Use the Bake Sale Request form to submit details of a planned bake sale on campus, including the date, time, place, and ingredients list.


Request for Bank Letter

Use the Bank Letter application to request a supplementary letter from the Office of Student Affairs to confirm a change in club signing authority.


Funding Application Form

Use the Funding Application Form to request additional funding for an event or club programming.