Where and how will you make an impact? What will you become?


The Leadership and Career Summit at Glendon creates opportunities for new action, inspired thinking, and strategic support for leadership and career development for budding-professional and emerging leaders.


A day to take action. To be inspired. A day of becoming.


Friday February 10, 2017
Centre of Excellence, Glendon Campus
1:00 – 5:30 PM
Registration at 12:30 PM, Networking Reception 5:30 – 7:00 PM

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Your life experiences will create your vision for your future. You build your unique story one experience at a time. With each new experience, you add to your toolkit of knowledge, skills, and strengths.
What does it all mean? Where and how will you make an impact? What will you become?


Becoming IT means connecting your vision and your purpose to where and how you want to make an impact. Your story of becoming sits at the intersection of your leadership potential and your career development.

What you strive to become, and how you get there, is unique to you. You get there by clarifying your purpose; telling your story; identifying your strengths and skills; and connecting your life and classroom experiences to explore the world of work.


We’ve distilled our best leadership and career development lessons in one day.


At the Leadership & Career Summit, you will…

Build Your Brand

Clarify your purpose and tell your story, build your public presence and unleash your unique leadership potential.

Strengthen Your Skills

Identify and explore your unique strengths and skills to make an impact.

Create Your Career

Use your life and classroom experiences to explore career options.


Here is some of what you can expect to do at the Leadership & Career Summit:
● Clarify your career goals and future action
● Improve your résumé and LinkedIn profile
● Connect with like-minded students and build connections
● Meeting employers looking to hire you
● Gain self-confidence to increase your ability to work towards positive change
…and more!
● A personality assessment
● Top career matches
● Personal action plan
…and more!


For other leadership development opportunities or if you have any questions about the GLLead: Glendon Student Leadership Development Program, please visit Amanda Sartori, Student Life Coordinator in YH C110 or send us an e-mail: studentleadership@glendon.yorku.ca.

For other career exploration opportunities, please visit the Career and Skills Development Centre in YH A118 or click here.