smallGlendonLibraryThis page is your starting point for all information about academic integrity and the policies in place to maintain it at York.

What is academic integrity and why is it so important?

This term refers to a set of conventions that scholars follow in their work,  generating credibility, trust and respect within the academic community. As a student, earning a university degree in a fair and ethical way also involves following these conventions.

How does this affect me as a university student?

The conventions governing the ethical conduct of academic work vary depending on discipline and type of research, and they can initially seem confusing. As you move through your university studies, you will learn (both implicitly and explicitly) the expectations and conventions for conducting research with academic integrity. These conventions are important, so never hesitate to approach your instructors regarding any uncertainty you might have about them. 

Learn more about academic integrity today

As a Glendon student, you are strongly encouraged to complete a quick online course and quiz to learn more about academic integrity. Through this course, you will learn the basic content that   you are expected to engage with at the beginning of your studies at Glendon. The required quiz will allow you to test your knowledge of this content.

Test Your Academic Integrity