Glendon students can take advantage of international opportunities provided by both the Glendon and Keele campuses. Through our language and exchange opportunities, you might find yourself having more passport stamps than the average person.

Academic Exchanges

International exchanges are a hot ticket for students at Glendon. Students can go abroad through exchange programs offered by either campus. York International has agreements with universities in over 50 countries!

Heading abroad to a university that has an agreement with York or Glendon will ensure that you’re paying your usual tuition rates, not hefty international fees. Plus, the York International Mobility Award is a bursary that assists students heading abroad with their expenses. You can apply for this after you confirm your exchange location.

Students will usually go on exchange during their third year, which means second year needs to be spent researching, planning and applying for an exchange. Deadlines can come up quickly, so start your research early!

International Internships

Along with the chance to experience the world during the school year, you can also go abroad during the summer. The York International Internship Program (YIIP) allows you to do research, field work, teaching, and more for government and non-governmental organizations in a variety of locations worldwide. In 2014, internships were offered in locations ranging from El Savador to Turkey. Visit the YIIP page for more information on the types of placements offered.

Glendon eAmbassador Kelly spent the summer of 2014 in Costa Rica assisting with turtle conservation efforts. Follow her adventures on her blog.


If travelling within Canada is more suited to your adventurous spirit, the Canadian government’s Explore program is also a very popular choice for Glendonites. Explore is a five-week summer program that gives you the chance to study at a university in one of many Francophone locations across the country. Earn university credit and get a confidence boost in your French by immersing yourself in a French-speaking environment.

Best of all: the program is funded by government bursaries, which are awarded by lottery to applicants!

Our eAmbassadors Juan, Sarah, Esther, Francette, and Michelle have shared their experiences with Explore, including a handy explanation of what the program is.