Wondering how to pay for your university studies? Maximize funding from scholarships and bursaries, RESPs, OSAP, tuition, and more.

Student Financial Profile

You must fill out the SFP every year to be considered for

  • scholarships, awards, and bursaries
  • awards for students with disabilities
  • on-campus jobs (you might have to show financial need for work/study positions)

If you’re enrolled in both Fall and Winter semesters at Glendon, you’ll need to fill out the SFP in September. Curious about scholarships? Glendon eAmbassador Kiera describes in her blog how she paid for first year.

OSAP and Ontario Tuition Grant

If you’re confused about OSAP and need help with the application process, check out Glendon’s OSAP information website.

To assist with the cost of your university tuition, the Ontario government offers a 30% Off Tuition Grant to eligible full-time undergraduate students. Even if you aren’t applying for OSAP, be sure to determine if you’re eligible for this grant! Grants aren’t loans – they don’t need to be paid back.

On-Campus Jobs

A lot of students work part time throughout their university career. Finding a position at Glendon can make working much easier to fit into your schedule. Some jobs at Glendon will require a full knowledge of both English and French, but many are open to those with limited skills who are looking to improve.

Positions can be found in the Glendon Athletic Centre, ITS, Student Financial Services, the bookstore, or even with professors who need assistance with research.

Some on-campus departments hire in the spring for the following school year. Keep an eye out on the Current Students announcement page for Glendon job postings. The manager of Student Affairs, David Ip Yam, emails weekly Glendon Student Newsletters to all current students, and they can include job postings as well.

Check out York’s Career Centre job board for even more positions (you’ll need your Passport York to log in).

Curious about what it’s like to work and attend university? Glendon eAmbassador Esther featured a selection of Glendonites who work part time while studying.

Quick Links

Need to access RESP funds? Click here for Proof of Enrolment Letters.

Doing your taxes? You’ll need a T2202A form, which states how much tuition you’ve paid York over the previous year.


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