Paying for tuition, fees, and living expenses can be difficult to balance as a student. Student Financial Services (SFS) is here to help. They can answer your questions about scholarships, YU cards, OSAP, and loans. If you need assistance dealing with finances, SFS is always willing to provide financial advising to Glendon students.

How to Pay Your Fees

York does not accept fees paid by credit card, debit, or cash. To pay your fees, you’ll need to pay directly through your bank, either online, in person, or by phone.

Your fees can be seen in your student account. This will include what you owe for tuition, course fees, residence fees, and the York health plan (which you can opt out of if you have other coverage). To see your minimum payment, click on your statement in your student account.


Learning to manage money is not an easy task, especially for students whose resources are often limited. When planning your budget, be realistic:

  • What are your revenues?
  • How much will your expenses be?
  • Do you have enough money?

If you don’t have enough money, either increase revenues or decrease flexible expenses. Have a plan, stick to it, and avoid impulse spending!

Check out eAmbassador Alison’s post about how she budgets for student life.

Important Dates

In the summer…

  • Pay the $300 registration deposit. This is due on the fifteenth of the month after you’ve registered for your courses. For example, if you enrol in April, pay by May 15. Pay through your bank in person, online, or by phone, using your student number as your account number.

In September…

  • September 10th is the deadline to pay tuition for fall and full-year courses, fall residence fees, and health-plan fees.

In October…

  • Make sure you’ve filled out your Student Financial Profile and opted out of the YFS health plan if you have other coverage.

In January…

  • January 10th is the deadline to pay tuition for winter courses and winter residence fees.

Quick Links

Need to access RESP funds? Click here for Proof of Enrolment Letters.

Doing your taxes? You’ll need a T2202A form, which states how much tuition you’ve paid York over the previous year.


Student Financial Services
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