As a Glendon student, you can take advantage of the wide variety of resources available at the Keele campus.

Classes at Keele

Glendon students are welcome to take classes at the Keele campus. You can expand your range of languages, get general education credit, or add a new perspective to your major or minor.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to major and minor across campuses (for example, you can’t major in History at Glendon and minor in German at Keele), but you can still make use of the opportunities at both campuses.

Contact your department at Glendon to get Keele courses for your major or minor approved.

Keele Clubs

You have full access to the variety of clubs at the Keele campus. Check out YU Connect using your Passport York for more suggestions on how to get involved at both Keele and Glendon.

Finding Your Way

Check out the campus map and take note of how to get to your destination before heading to Keele.

Glendon-Keele Shuttle

York provides a free shuttle service for you to get to and from the Keele campus. Just present your YU-card to board. During the year, shuttles run about every hour during the daytime, and the trip takes about 40 minutes.

RED Zone

The Keele Campus has its own kiosk which operates in the same fashion as the Lion’s Den. You’ll find the RED Zone kiosk in Vari Hall – your first stop when you get off the shuttle. If you need any assistance finding your way or accessing resources at Keele, stop by and have a chat with their student ambassadors!

Tait McKenzie Gym

Glendon students can also take advantage of all sports facilities at the Keele Campus and participate in both York varsity sports or join Glendon intramural sports teams to play against students at the Keele Campus for the York Torch.

The Tait McKenzie Centre is open to Glendon students. With three gyms, a pool, an 11,000 square-foot fitness centre, five studios for recreation instructional classes, and six North American squash courts, this building is the hub of health and fitness at the Keele Campus. If you wish to join, in addition to the GAC, membership is only $15 per year to use the facilities.