Mathematics is the study of the various branches of pure and applied math. Given its almost unlimited applications to the real world, mathematics is an essential ingredient of general education, and will become even more so in the future.

It is an important practical tool in humanities and social sciences, such as economics, political science, psychology, and sociology. Pure math will give you a foundation in modern analysis, algebra, and topology, and how to apply these areas to other branches of science. Applied math involves operations research, statistics, and the mathematics of investment. In Glendon’s program, you can also explore the computational aspects of modern math through mathematical software.

Careers and Alumni

Stephanie de Guzman
Stephanie de Guzman completed a major in Mathematics, a minor in French Studies, and a Bachelor of Education at Glendon before taking her career international. She is currently teaching mathematics at the International School of Basel, Switzerland. More ››

A mathematics degree can lead to work as a business analyst, statistician, researcher, or educator. Other graduates have successful careers in business, government, and industry.


Mathematics major Denis Miave Yan came from Mauritius to study at Glendon. More › ›

Program Highlights

Mathematics is available as a bilingual or trilingual international Bachelor of Arts.

Take part in the events and activities of Club Infinity, York University’s official math club!

As a Glendon Mathematics student, you are welcome to also take courses at the Keele Campus Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Looking for helpful math resources? We have compiled them for you!

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