We cannot guarantee a room in residence because of the high demand. We therefore recommend you consider finding an accommodation out of campus. However, you can still apply for a room via the Glendon residence’s website

Please note that bed linens are not provided in residence, so don’t forget them (single bed). You can also visit this website that provides linen services (as from $249.95) on behalf of York University.

You will find below a few websites for accommodation. Beware of fraud, never send money in advance. Visit the premises before confirming your agreement.

Finding a suitable off-campus accommodation can be a difficult task for all students, because knowledge of the city is necessary to know the best places to live.

As a starting point, the neighborhoods around Lawrence and Don Mills (1 or 2 buses to Glendon) are still popular with Glendon students who have chosen to live off-campus because of their proximity to the campus and their affordable prices. Others choose to live near a subway station, knowing that the closest station to the campus is the Lawrence station on the Yonge-University subway line. This map of Toronto neighbourhoods can help you understand the characteristics of each Region. (note: Glendon is located in the North York region.)

A list of some of the off-campus accommodations can be found here.  If you want a more central urban location, the student residences to consider are Neill Wycik co-operative, Tartu College and Campus co-op.


https://www.kijiji.ca/b-apartments-condos/gta-greater-toronto-area/page-2/c37l1700272 https://www.airbnb.ca/