Glendon is a campus of York University – the second largest university in Canada located in Toronto. Glendon is the only bilingual university campus in Toronto with a student population of 2 700 students.

We are glad that you decided to join us at Glendon College, York University! Exchange students are welcome to Glendon and the entire community benefits from your varied life experiences. We strive to ensure that you succeed and have a good international experience during your time at Glendon.

To participate in an exchange program with Glendon, you must be enrolled and nominated by one of our partner’s universities. 

Please note that the application must be written in English. We accept transcripts and reference letters as well as all official documents in English, French or Spanish.

Be sure that your home institution has approved your course selection and that you are enrolling in courses for which you have the necessary pre-requisites. It is your responsibility to verify this prior to enrolling.
You will also need to obtain the permission to register in the courses you have chosen from Glendon Department in question. Please refer to the online registration guide that will tell you how to choose your courses and then, how to register

Please make sure that your list of courses corresponds to your study period.

F (Fall) from September to December (3.00 credits Course only)
W (Winter) from January to April (3.00 credits Course only)
Y (Year) from September to April (6.00 credits Course only)

If you come for one semester only, all your courses must be of 3.00 credits. 6.00 credits courses are for the all year.

Please find below the list of departments and resource persons who could answer questions related to the programs and tutoring. We ask you to contact these departments by email only. Be sure to indicate that you are an exchange student and give your student number.

You cannot take a 6.00 credits course if you are coming for one semester only.

Contact the departments below to request permission to roll in your courses. Indicate in your email that you are an exchange student.


– Business Economics
– Economics
Aurore Coco YH327


– Canadian Studies
– Environment & Health Sciences
– Drama Studies

Thérèse How YH 162


– Translation

Lila Manseur YH241


– French Studies 
– French as a Second Language

Josiane Kwan Tat YH 215


– Spanish 
– Translation English/Spanish

Francesca Di Rosa YH 225


– History 
– Mathematics

Karine Frankian YH 328


– International Studies

Mina  Yoon YH160


– English Studies
– English as a Second Language  
– Sociology
– Linguistics & Languages Studies
– Philosophy
– Sociology

Patricia Munoz YH 219


– Political Science

Patricia Pok Shin YH332


– Psychology 
– Women Studies

Lise Brisebois YH125

While studying at Glendon, the University may need to access to your adress or contact your next of kin in case of an emergency. Below are the instructions to enter your information.
1. Go to
2. Click on “Current Students”.
3. Click on “My Student Records”.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Change my Address and Contact Information”.
5. Login with your Passport York account.
6. Select “Review or Update my Next of kin”.

François Bleytou, Program Manager, Institutional and International Programs
C204a, York Hall
Phone : 416 487-6802
Fax : 416 487-6786
Email :

The YU-Card is your official proof of registration, photo identification for exams, debit card to purchase food on campus as well as your library card. The card is free but if you lose it, you may pay a $30,00 fee to obtain a new one. You will receive this card from the Office of Academic Services, C102 York Hall once you arrive at Glendon. Be prepared to show valid identification.

UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) is a mandatory Ontario medical insurance for all the exchange students. Visit the web site at to get more information on the medical coverage offered by UHIP.  You will be able to finalize your registration to this insurance, once you have arrived at Glendon. No action need to be taken before your arrival.