To participate in an exchange with Glendon, York University, you have to be enrolled and nominated by one of our partnered universities.

the new online digital system is not ready yet. 


Contact the departments below to request permission to enroll in your courses.

The following website will assist you with the selection process and will provide you with the information you need to select the appropriate courses:

Your list of courses must correspond to your study period.

Fall (F)                     September to December (3.00 credits courses only)

Winter (W)            January to April (3:00 credits courses only)

Year (Y)                   September to April (6.00 credits courses only)

You can not take a 6.00 credits course if you are coming for one semester only. 

Equivalencies: 30 Canadian credits = 60 ECTS.

Contact the departments below to request permission to enroll in your courses. Indicate in your email that you are an exchange student.





Business Economics




Aurore Coco YH327

Canadian Studies

Drama Studies



Lana Bedrossian YH 160




Marie-Véronique Lim



French Studies

French as a Second Language


Josiane Kwan-Tat YH 235

Hispanic Studies

Translation English/Spanish


Francesca Di Rosa YH 215




Karine Frankian


YH 261


International Studies


Doreen Lo Choy YH 328

English Studies

English as a Second Language



Patricia Munoz YH C217


Political Science


Patricia Pok Shin YH 332


Gender and Women Studies

Sexuality Studies


Lise Brisebois YH 168




Patricia Munoz YH C217


Linguistic and Language Studies


Lydia Dosu YH 242A


The University may need to access your address while studying at Glendon or contact your next of kin in case of an emergency. Below are the instructions to enter your next of kin information and your address while at studying at Glendon.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “My Student Records”, go to “Update my Profil”
  3. Login with your Passport York account.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Change my Address and Contact Information”.
  5. Select “Review or Update my Next of kin”.

UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) is a mandatory health plan for all exchange students. Visit their website ( to get all the necessary information.

Your registration with the medical insurance UHIP will be done once you arrive at Glendon and not before.

The YU-Card is your official proof of registration, photo identification for exams, debit card to purchase food on campus as well as your library card. The card is free but if you lose it, you may obtain a new one for $30.00. You will receive this card from the Office of Academic Services, C102 York Hall once you arrive at Glendon.