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Religion and International Relations Section Book Award

The book Religious Activism in the Global Economy: Promoting, Reforming, or Resisting Neoliberal Globalization, edited by Glendon International Studies instructor, Sabine Dreher and Peter J. Smith, Professor of Political Science at Athabasca University has received Honorable Mention by the book award committee of the Religion and International Relations Section of the International Studies Association. The editors will be celebrated at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association in Baltimore at the section reception. Learn more about the book here»


Open Your Mind: A Q&A with Glendon psychology researcher Timothy Moore

Serving as a consultant or expert witness in many criminal trials in Canada and the U.S., Professor Moore covers issues related to memory, police investigative practices and interrogations. Read full interview here »


Glendon Biology professor publishes new book on non-native species

Professor Radu Guiasu’s book entitled Non-native species and their role in the environment: The need for a broader perspective challenges the prevailing negative attitudes against such species. Read more »


Michael Barutciski circle
Glendon civil liberties prof and lawyer Michael Barutciski’s Op-Ed is published in the Globe and Mail

Professor Barutciski weighs in on ambitious plans to increase the number of immigrants admitted to Canada, and the challenges faced while resettling and reintegrating refugees: Read full article here »


Colin Coates Glendon professor adds two collections to the growing literature on environmental history

Within the space of five months, Canadian Studies Professor Colin Coates published two works on this burgeoning field in Canada. Read more »


1-Swann ParadisFrench studies professor awarded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant

Professor Swann Paradis’ research combines literature, science, and history in one of the largest studies focusing specifically on French and Dutch rivalries in scientific and historical advances. Learn more »


Valerie ShoofPrimatologist Valerie Schoof awarded NSERC grant for research on vervet monkeys

Funding to build a long-term study of how the environment influence hormones and behaviour. Learn more about her research »


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 6.30.58 PMOpen Your Mind: A Q&A With Refugee and Migration Researcher Christina Clark-Kazak

The spotlight is on Christina Clark-Kazak, acting director of the Centre for Refugee Studies and associate principal, research and graduate studies at Glendon. Read full interview here »


Kenneth McRobertsFormer Glendon Principal receives prestigious award from the French Republic

Professor and former Principal Kenneth McRoberts has been appointed to the rank of Knight to France’s National Order of Merit. Read the full article »


1-Roberto PerinGlendon announces its recipient for the 2016 Principal’s Research Excellence Award

Glendon History professor Roberto Perin has been honoured with the 2016 Principal’s Research Excellence Award. Learn more »


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