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Individual Research/Reading and Honours Thesis Course

(GL/SOCI 3110, 4000, 4100, 4110)

These courses are available to students who wish to do individual specialized work in an area not specifically covered in the regular course offerings. However, the availability of faculty members to supervise these courses fluctuates from year to year. Regulations and procedures for enrolment are as follows:

A. General Guidelines and Procedures

1. Individual reading and research courses are normally available only to students earning a Glendon degree, with a major or minor in sociology. The Honours Thesis Course is open to fourth-year students only.

2. Permission to enrol in GL/SOCI 3110, 4000, 4100 and 4110 is given by the Sociology Department as a whole. Students having less than a cumulative B average in sociology will not normally be permitted to enrol in these courses.

3. Students interested in these courses must first find one or more members of the Sociology Department to act as course supervisor(s). The student must then submit to the Chairperson of the Sociology Department by no later than the end of registration week in September, a brief synopsis of her/his course proposal, describing the research or theoretical issues to be investigated and relevant bibliography.

4. The Chairperson will inform students of the Department’s decision as soon as possible. Until permission to enrol has been given, students are advised to select another course in order to complete their enrolment. However, students must officially drop any undesired courses as soon as permission to enrol in an individual study course has been given in order to avoid paying additional fees. (See the Student Programs Office for information on the relevant accounting deadlines.)

5. A progress report on students’ work in these courses will normally be made by the course supervisors to the Department prior to the annual College deadline for withdrawal from courses without penalty. Students who are not satisfactorily progressing will be asked by the Department to withdraw from the course.

B. Regulations Applying to Individual Reading and Research Courses

1. Individual Reading Courses will not normally be offered in areas already covered by the regular sociology curriculum offerings. Students wishing to take a reading course in an area which is similar to but more specialized or more advanced than a course in the regular curriculum must have taken the regular course previously or must take it concurrently.

2. Students wishing to enroll in Individual Research Courses must have taken previously or must take concurrently the course offered in the regular curriculum which relates most centrally to the issues to be researched. For example, a student who wishes to conduct research on familial relationships must have taken or must take concurrently Sociology of the Family.

Note: Students are encouraged to seek the advice of their proposed course supervisor(s) in meeting these requirements.

C. Regulations Applying to the Honours Thesis Course

1. Students interested in doing an honours thesis course must submit a thesis proposal to their proposed thesis supervisor prior to the last day on which a change of courses is permitted without penalty.

2. A committee consisting of the supervisor and at least one other member of the York sociology faculty will decide, on the basis of the following criteria, whether the project may be conducted as an Honours Thesis or as an Individual Research project under course number GL/SOCI 3110 or 4110.

a) The candidate’s proposed thesis topic must be in a field in which the student has already had relevant academic training or experience.

b) The candidate’s past academic record and thesis proposal must show promise of ability to achieve a grade of A in this course.

3. The candidate’s grade will be decided by the committee designated above.

Note: GL/SOCI 3110, 4000, 4100 are available for full-course and for half-course credit.