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Leadership is a collection of daily actions – even those we think of as simple – when done consistently, amount to impact. 

Impact can be reflected as a powerful change in ourselves, in others, or even within our communities.

Our actions are guided by our values.
Our values are our guidebooks for how we live our lives.

When we work to empower ourselves and our communities with consistent action, we are living leadership in action

There are opportunities for leadership every day. We help to create an environment for leadership to flourish when we practice empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and collaboration.

Launching on January 7th, 2019

The Leadership Summit consists of three components…

Online Leadership Development Action Plan Action Plan Workshops Community Mastermind

Launches January 7th, 2019

Follow GL Student Life on Facebook and Instagram and the Glendon Student Newsletter for weekly content and build an action plan for a personal or community initiative. Then scroll down to the Online Toolbox to access the worksheets. 

Each week is themed to allow you to put together your action plan.

Week 1: Values

Week 2: Past Experiences

Week 3: Personal and/or Community Needs

Week 4: Goals

February 6, 2019 (11 AM – 1 PM), location to be announced

February 14, 2019 (1 PM – 4 PM), location to be announced

These drop-in sessions will allow you to fine-tune your idea or project, connect with other individuals and prepare to put your idea into action in an environment designed to help you grow. You’ll get help preparing your pitch or proposal to share with community members at the Community Mastermind.

February 26, 2019, time and location to be announced

The Summit is designed to allow you to build momentum towards this moment.

At the Community Mastermind, you will have the chance to share your idea or project with the community, receive feedback from peers, and see how others are living leadership in action.


Get the most out of The Summit by following the GL Student Life Social Media Channels…

Follow along each week as we share a step-by-step process help you practice and develop your leadership.. Whether you have an idea you are already working on or you are not sure what you like to work on, you can engage with the program at any level. We’ve also provided you with opportunities to engage online and in person. See the Online Toolbox below.

Here is the Leadership in Action process, follow along week by week.

Step 1: Find your passion Step 2: Develop your action plan Step 3: Connect with like-minded peers Step 4: Contribute to your community
What are you drawn to? What are your needs and/or the needs of your community? Create and environment that is in line with your values Practice empathy
What are your values? How will you respond to that need? Practice vulnerability and share your idea Encourage others through your example
How has your experience shaped you? What is the one action you can take to start to respond to that need? Find other like-minded individuals to build with Create an inclusive space for others to participate

Join us at the Community Mastermind on February 26, 2019, in the Skyroom (YH A300) from 3 PM to 5 PM. Sign up below to present your personal project or community initiative.

Each week we’ll uncover a piece of the action plan and at the end of week 4 you will have a  draft ready to bring to one of our two action planning workshops. Find resources below to guide you through each week’s content.

Week 1: INTERACTIVE Core Values Worksheet

Week 2: Attitudes and Behaviours Worksheet

Week 3: Needs Worksheet

Week 4: Goals Worksheet


For other leadership development opportunities or if you have any questions about the GLLead: Glendon Student Leadership Development Program, please visit Yerro Gassama, Student Life Coordinator in YH C110 or send us an e-mail: