Want to create something? Want to work on you? Not sure where to begin?

The Glendon Leadership Workshop Series, part of the GLLead program, is a five-week experience where you will take a bold step in your leadership and personal development by reflecting on your experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of leadership to articulate your mission, vision, and values.  As part of the Student Leadership Network, you will work on a solo-venture or build an innovative community initiative with a team.

One Student Leadership Network. Five Weeks. Unlimited Potential.

Workshops are on Friday’s at 1:00 – 3:00 PM in YH B215.

Starting on October 13, 2017 until November 17, 2017 (no workshop on October 27, 2017)


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GLLead offers a series of five workshops based on the Student Leadership Challenge and Leadership for a Better World. Through engaging and informative sessions, you’ll craft and launch your next (or first!) big idea and develop yourself and your innate leadership capacities. You’ll work through a practical and action-oriented method of leading yourself and others more effectively towards shared aspirations. You will use the experience to stretch your thinking by finding creative solutions to common problems, learning to bounce back from failure, and to grow your passions and interests.


We’ve distilled our best leadership and change-making lessons in this five-week series.


This is for you if you are:

A current Glendon Student
Interested in learning about leadership and defining leadership for yourself
Interested in making a commitment to personal development
Seeking to challenge the status quo and make change

By the end of the series, you will:

Define leadership for you and write your leadership story
Create and implement a community leadership initiative (aka, your big idea)
Gain practical tips on building, supporting, strengthening, and staying accountable to your team
Develop a solution focused mindset
Explore how to bounce back and learn from failure

Location: YH B215
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Week 1: October 13, 2017
Define leadership for you and write your leadership story
Meet and join the Student Leadership Network
Start to craft your big idea

Week 2: October 20, 2017
Learn about creating a positive community change and staying accountable
Continue to craft your big idea and build your action plan

No workshop on October 27, 2017

Week 3: November 3, 2017
Find how to create a common purpose with your team or community to foster collaboration
Build tools to create a climate of trust and to strengthen others
Practice pitching your big idea to find opportunities for collaboration

Week 4: November 10, 2017
Challenge the process by developing a solution focused mindset
Learn to bounce back from failure through experimentation and intentional risk taking
Build an accountability plan for your big idea

Week 5: November 17, 2017
Bring your big idea to life by pitching it to the Student Leadership Network and members of your community

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As a participant in the GLLead program, you are making a commitment to learning, to self-development, and to making a change in yourself and/or your community. Through your participation, the GLLead programming and community will inspire you to develop from where you are, will inspire you to keep going, and will support you along the way.


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