School Fee Payment Deadline!

The Winter (W) Term school fee payment deadline was January 10th, 2018. As long as your “minimum payment” was paid by the 10th you should avoid any interest charges. York waits a week to charge interest fees when the next statement is made on January 18th.

You can login to see your online student account here or visit our website for more information on how to make payments.

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 OSAP Application Deadline Approaching!

The deadline to apply for OSAP is February 19th, 2018. For any questions regarding your OSAP, please click here or contact the Student Financial Services office directly. Both the Fall/Winter Full-time and Part-time OSAP applications can be completed on the government website. To apply, please visit:

Course Drop Deadline Approaching!

Winter (W) Term course drop deadlines are approaching! For more information about those deadlines, please visit our Refund Deadlines page. Please note that Fall and Year courses have the same refund deadlines.

The Piggybank Chronicles!

Student Financial Services has a brand new newsletter!

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New Fee for Requested Letters!

As of November, 1st 2017, the office of student financial services will charge a fee of $25 for all requested letters and forms. We highly recommend that students use the online resources available (i.e.: online standard confirmation of enrollment letters along with the student account) which are free of charge and provide tailored and detailed information regarding the student’s file. For more information, please contact our office.

Note: this fee does not apply to government financial aid forms.

Take care of business with a few of the frequently-used tools below:

Student Account Online
Student Financial Profile (SFP)
Tax Forms
Request a Refund
Financial Document Tracker
Online Awards Search
Glendon Award Recipient Information Form
Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Letters
Change My Address