Life is a dream Poster

GL/DRST 3955 Presents A Collective Adaptation of

Life is a Dream

by Pedro Calderón de la Barca


The famous 15th century Spanish play discusses the theme of fate and free will, and is performed in a style that is both contemporary and classical.

Hic Mane et Cogita!…Wait Here and Think!

I wish to pose a fantasy in which I ask you to indulge, for but a moment. Imagine being incarcerated, far from the world and its many normalizations you currently experience unconsciously. Much like an alien, when you first lay sight on this distant plain called ‘earth’ and as you begin to grow privy to it, what do you envision your thoughts to be?

Would this world seem to you as a many-headed, lawless, bloodthirsty hydra seeking only to restrict and feed upon its conformant? an ever hungry monstrosity that has surfaced from your worst nightmare? Or, would you think of this world as all that you had wished for? Resembling paradise, where Lady Justice is upheld as queen over thrones of gold and tongues of silver?

This performance encourages participation with the audience through the use of social media. Make sure to visit our twitter @LifeIsADream_GL and to use our hashtag #DreamGL. Cellphones are encouraged during this performance, so make sure to bring your smart phone! Make sure to stay up to date on our Facebook event page and twitter feed.

Tickets may only be reserved, patrons must pay at the box office on the evening of the play. It is $5 for students, and $10 for non-students. Please be aware that the box office only accepts CASH.

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