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Donald Ipperciel, Principal

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What the market study on the Francophone University tells us about young Franco-Ontarians’ bilingualism


The Adam report proposing the creation of a French-language university in Toronto (see From Local Innovation to Global Excellence) omitted the results of a market study that would have demonstrated the extent to which such a university was meeting a demand from Francophone youth in the Toronto region: “The short time given to the French-Language Read More

Socrates and e-learning II


What is the contribution of the “e” to e-learning? It is hard to believe that e-learning is primarily about improving learning. People have been learning for centuries without sophisticated technology and it is unlikely that e-learning is producing better scholars today. In my opinion, e-learning is most relevant in the context of an increased access Read More

Socrates and e-learning I


Allow me some lay reflections on e-learning, one of the University’s and the College’s focus areas in its strategy to improve teaching and learning. Gone are the days when the academy debated the merits of integrating technology into education. Its place is now secured, although we are still deliberating to what extent it should be Read More

Advancing Glendon’s mission


Throughout Glendon’s history, donors have played a key role in our success. Indeed, our campus was a gift from the Wood family’s estate. Philanthropy will be key to Glendon’s continued success, so we are perpetually seeking to engage those who have the means to make a positive impact on the experience of our students, today Read More

A Face Lift for Glendon


A Face Lift for Glendon I have recently announced in various fora that Glendon will be receiving funding for renovations from Central Administration. In all, we can expect a little more than $1M for the fence and gates and $2M for general renovations. In additions to these amounts, toilets will be renovated and security upgrades Read More