A Second Degree

Our Accelerated Honours BA (60 credits) in English to French or French to English Translation is designed for those who already hold an undergraduate degree and want to acquire skills and knowledge in translation. The core courses for this program are essentially the same as our other Honours BA programs, however, you need only fulfill half the requirements (60 credits) to obtain this Accelerated Degree.

Our graduates are well-trained translation professionals who find jobs in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Many also go on to pursue studies at the graduate level (Masters and PhD).

For more detailed information about our programs, please visit the Admission Requirements

Why Glendon?

There is no other program like ours anywhere in Canada. The School of Translation is well-established and offers the practical and theoretical courses you need to become a professional translator.

Glendon is known for its commitment to linguistically and culturally diverse communities. Recognized as a centre for the study of languages and cultures, it is the ideal place to study translation.


The program features a core curriculum of general and specialized courses in areas such as literary, financial, and medical translation, as well as theory courses and research-for-specific-purposes courses such as documentation and terminology, and computer-assisted translation.

It also includes innovative elements such as:

  • The integration of translation technologies in teaching;
  • Online components;
  • Collaborative translation work;
  • A practicum component, essential for a smooth transition into the job market.