Courses & Requirements

Degree Requirements

Students must follow the undergraduate calendar requirements for the year they entered or transferred into the School of Translation.

Access detailed program requirements below:

Course Catalogue

TRAN/HUMA 1604 3.00

Writing, Rewriting, Translation, Communication / Écriture, réécriture, traduction, communication

This course introduces writing and rewriting across languages and cultures, and links these practices with translation and other types of cross-cultural communication. Students analyze English and French texts of various types and learn to rewrite them for specific audiences/purposes.

TRAN/HUMA 1640 3.00

Ideas Through Time and Space: Knowledge Transfer Across Languages and Cultures

This course investigates the movement of ideas and knowledge across time, cultures, and languages through translated texts. Canonic texts are examined with a focus on identifying linguistic, religious, political and social factors involved when ideas cross language barriers and cultural boundaries.

LIN 1601 6.00

The Structure of English

This course offers practical linguistic tools for describing contemporary English, both spoken and written, including its sound system, vocabulary, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, style, and usage. Some attention is given to analyzing both literary texts and learner language.

TRAN 2210 3.00

Introduction to Translation into English I

This course introduces students to the tools, principles, and methods used in translation, from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Individual and group exercises and assignments help students acquire both basic skills and an understanding of the translation process.

TRAN 2250 3.00

Comparative Stylistics – English and French

Students learn to avoid common errors arising from the differences in the structure and stylistics of English and French, access appropriate references, and explain their choices using the terminology of the field.

FRAN 2810 6.00

Français écrit pour spécialistes (offert uniquement en français)

Ce cours de français langue seconde de spécialisation propose un entrainement intensif au français écrit, en s’appuyant sur l’utilisation régulière d’outils électroniques d’aide à la rédaction et sur diverses pratiques d’écriture collaborative, notamment électronique.

Required Courses

TRAN 3210 3.00

Translation of Specialized Texts into English I

Introduction to translation in a specialized area. Students acquire strategies for handling specialized translations from French to English. They increase and apply their knowledge of research tools and resources, learn techniques for resolving translation problems, and practice appropriate English usage.

TRAN 3220 3.00

Translation of Specialized Texts into English

Students build on their understanding of translation strategies. Knowledge in a chosen field is expanded by reading specialized texts and participating in discussions. Texts vary in genre, register and complexity.

TRAN 3260 3.00


Introduction to research methods and to print and electronic documentary resources. Through lectures, seminars and practical work, students learn how and under what circumstances to use the various resources. They are also introduced to the intricacies of bibliographic citations.

TRAN 3270 3.00

Theory of Translation

This course asks students to reflect critically on translation and its key concepts, and to begin to engage in research. They are introduced to the various schools of thought that have shaped Translation Studies since the second half of the 20th century.

TRAN 3310 3.00

Problems in Professional Writing

Students learn to problem-solve through writing, the essence of good professional communication. They learn to select information for a given audience and choose effective language for the needs of government, business, and industry.

FRAN 3810 6.00

Rédaction avancée en français langue seconde (offert uniquement en français)

Ce cours propose un travail intensif de rédaction de divers types de résumés, de textes d’idées et de récits. Il vise ainsi la consolidation de la grammaire des accords, l’emploi de structures syntaxiques libérées de l’anglais et sémantiquement pertinentes, la précision et l’adéquation lexicales, et une capacité rédactionnelle en langue seconde de niveau universitaire. L’utilisation des outils électroniques fait partie intégrante du cours.

Elective Courses

TRAN 3900 3.00

Onsite professional internship

Over the course of one semester, interns perform the equivalent of four weeks of full-time work in a translation firm or unit, a business or an organization. They are supervised by a senior translator, a communications officer, webmaster or other experienced professional. Their work is graded by a faculty member.

Required Courses

TRAN 4225 3.00

Introduction to Translation into Language B / Introduction à la traduction vers la langue B

Introduction to translation from students’ dominant (A) language into their (B) language. Working with a variety of texts of increasing complexity, students further their knowledge of their B language and familiarize themselves with translation norms in this language.

TRAN 4230 3.00

Translation of Specialized Texts into B Language / Traduction de textes spécialisés vers la langue B

In this second course on translation into the B language students translate texts from a variety of specialized fields. They are introduced to area-specific resources, and hone their translation skills as well as their skills in their non-dominant language.

TRAN 4250 3.00

Techniques of Revision in Translation

Through this course students learn to analyse texts from the perspectives of communication theory, discourse and revision practice. The course also helps students hone their advanced communication and revision skills. 

TRAN 4370 3.00


Introduction to the tools, principles and methods for researching and managing terminology. Students analyze terminological concepts through research. They learn about standards and best practices, and how to apply terminology to the modern translation process.

TRAN 4510 3.00

Advanced Translation Practicum/Travaux pratiques avancés en traduction

Under the supervision of an Instructor, students undertake small- and large-scale translation projects proposed by internal (York) or external clients, applying advanced documentation, translation, self-revision, revision and quality control techniques to real-life projects.

TRAN 4310 3.00

Techniques in Business and Technical Writing I

Builds on the skills learned in GL/TRAN 3310 3.00. Students learn to direct their writing to a given audience, to begin to work with layout and design of documents, and develop the skills required by team and project writing.

Elective Courses

TRAN 4210 3.00

Traduction spécialisée – Textes littéraires

Présentation de méthodes et de stratégies pour l’analyse et la traduction de textes littéraires. Les étudiants traduisent des textes de genres divers issus de différents contextes culturels et historiques et s’exercent à la critique de traductions littéraires.

TRAN 4235 3.00

Introduction à la traduction audiovisuelle / Introduction to audiovisual translation

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to audiovisual translation. Exercises such as analysis, transcription, translation, screenwriting and subtitling prepare students to deal with different stages of multimodal communication.

TRAN 4525 3.00

Translation and Localization Tools

In this course students are acquainted with the main tools used to facilitate translation and localization. We assess their usefulness as well as methods of integrating local cultures through localizing software and multimedia products.

TRAN 4636 3.00

History, Translation and Ancient Civilizations

The historical evolution of Western civilization is explored from the dawn of writing to the Roman Empire from a cross-cultural perspective, with special emphasis on ancient civilizations and languages in contact, and the dissemination of knowledge and cultural exchange through translation. 

TRAN 4638 3.00

History, Translation and European Societies

The evolution of Western civilization is explored from early Christianity to the electronic age from a cross-cultural perspective, with special emphasis on European societies and languages in contact, and the dissemination of knowledge and cultural exchange through translation.

TRAN 4900 3.00

Online professional Internship

Over the course of one semester, interns perform the equivalent of four weeks of full-time work for a translation firm or unit, a business or an organization. Their distance learning internship is supervised by a senior translator, a communications officer, webmaster or other experienced professional. Their work is graded by a faculty member.