Faculty Members

Véronique Lim, Administrative Assistant
Office: York Hall 241
Telephone: 416-487-6742
Email: translation@glendon.yorku.ca

The School of Translation also has a large pool of part-time instructors for the 2017-2018 academic year including professional translators, revisors and technical writers:

Boyd, Martin
Chan, Nelida
Clamageran, Sylvie M.
Compagnoni, Miriam
Covelo, Daniele
Des Rochers, Arianne
Disler, Caroline
González, Genny

Janelle, Lorraine
Lauffer, Sabine C.
Mangerel, Libbie
Mossop, Brian
Papadopoulos, Alexia
Roberts, Jamie
Tona, Lionel