Conditions for the Award of Language Credit

A Language Credit, equivalent to up to 6 credits, will be awarded on application to English-speaking students who obtain a minimum grade of C in 12 credits taken entirely in French.

Though a Language Credit will be equivalent to 6 credits, and will enable students who obtain such a credit to graduate with 84 credits instead of 90 credits for a Bachelor of Arts degree, and 114 credits instead of 120 credits for an Honours degree, it will allow students to be exempted only from a free elective. They will still have to do the number of courses in their major prescribed for a BA degree program or for any Honours BA program, and they will also have to satisfy the General Education requirements.

All written work submitted in connection with the course must be done in French.

The following courses and programs are not eligible for the language credit:

  • All FRAN 1000-level courses
  • All FSL courses
  • All courses taught in two languages or in any language other than English and French.
  • Where a course has the main lectures in French with the option of a seminar in English afforded, the course is excluded if students take the English seminar.
  • Courses taken in the Department of French by English-speaking students doing a major in French

The language credit will only appear on a student’s record upon graduation from Glendon. Students who transfer to another of York’s faculties, or another university, will not receive language credit. Some graduate schools do not recognize the language credit as equivalent to a course.

For full details, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

Deadlines and Submission

This form should be submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or scanned and emailed to after completion of the course with the signature of the professor and with an application to graduate.

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