This form is used to apply to have a discipline course satisfy the Bilingual Requirement.

Conditions for the Bilingual Requirement

  1. The discipline course must be taught in the student’s second language.
  2. A total of 6 credits must be completed in the student’s second language (one 6-credit course or two 3-credit courses).
  3. The course can be taught at any level.
  4. All of the required work completed in the courses, including exams, tests, essays, etc, must be completed in the language of instruction of the course.
  5. The following courses do not satisfy the Bilingual Requirement:
    • All FRAN 1000-level courses
    • All ENSL 1000-level courses
    • All SP courses
    • All courses taught in two languages or in any language other than English and French

Deadlines and Submission

This form should be signed by the professor at the end of the course as proof that all course work has been completed in the student’s second language. Once signed, the form should be submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or scanned and emailed to

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