This form is used to request course permission. A student may need course permission because:

  • The course is full and the student would like to ask the professor to add an additional seat in his/her section.
  • The student is not within the year of study that the course is being offered. (Ex: the student is in third year and wants to take a first year course.)
  • The seats are restricted in the course for major/certificate students.

Conditions for the Course Permission Form

  1. The course permission form should be filled out with the information required and signed by the course instructor.
  2. The form should then be submitted to the department secretary, who will then grant the permission. The student would then enrol themselves as usual.

Deadlines and Submission

The course permission form must be submitted to the department secretary before or up to the deadline to enrol in courses with permission from the professor (please refer to the Important Dates website for additional details).  At any point after that date, the student must use the Petition to Enrol Late in Courses form.

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