Conditions for Non-Degree Status

This form must be completed in full and signed.  The student requesting the non-degree status must have already obtained a university degree.  If you have previously graduated from a faculty at York, you will be considered for non-degree status in the same faculty in which you graduated. If you graduated from an institution other than York, you will need to apply through admissions.

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible for reactivation of their records. As a result of space limitations, some programs may close prior to the session and enrolment restrictions may be enforced. Applicants will be reactivated for the next available session. You will be advised once your records have been activated.

Deadlines and Submission

Application forms must be submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or scanned an emailed to Applicants are encouraged to submit the form as early as possible to be considered for the next academic session. 

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